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Tensleep Fly Fishing Outing Aug 5-6th

The Wyoming Fly Casters will be hosting its next outing outside of Tensleep Wyoming. This small creek camping and Fly Fishing outing will take place on Aug 5th and 6th. A few members of the club will be arriving on Aug 4th as well. If you have interest in the outing please contact the stream keeper Cheryl Wilson at or at 307-267-1903.

About the River: Tensleep Creek tumbles down the west slope of the Bighorn Mountains through one of the more spectacular canyons in the state. Its steep gradient, relatively large volume of water and proximity to a state highway made it a prime candidate for a hydroelectric generating facility in the early 1980’s. Had it been built, the project would have diverted water high on the mountain, run it through a pipe to a powerhouse at the lower end of the canyon, and produced electricity. It also could have affected flows in about 6 miles of one of the most productive trout streams in the state. Regional economics stalled the project by the early 1990’s and it was never built. (Info From Wyoming Game and Fish Department)

The Fishing: Over the centuries, the relatively steep slope of the stream scoured most of the small bed material in the channel to points downstream, leaving an impressive array of large rocks and huge boulders. Below the many mini-waterfalls and plunges lie deep, dark pools inhabited by large numbers of rainbow trout. You’ll find some brown trout in the mix too. The Department quit stocking the stream years ago when studies showed the fishery could sustain itself entirely with wild-spawned fish (over 3,000 trout per mile). Except in places where the highway crosses over the stream, it’s a stiff hike down to the stream, but once you get there you’ll typically enjoy some of the finest fishing in the state with little chance of encountering another angler the entire day. The deep pools and swift water make fly fishing a challenge in places but bead head nymphs are effective as are spinners. The statewide angling limit of 6 fish, only one of which may be over 20 inches long, applies to the entire instream flow segment.(Info From Wyoming Game and Fish Department)

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