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Pathfinder Walleye Regulations

Pathfinder Walleye Regulations

After attending a recent presentation by Al Conder describing declining trout numbers in Pathfinder Reservoir and the Miracle Mile I feel it’s important to write in support of proposed regulation changes for increased walleye limits. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) has spent significant monies supplementing the trout population in Pathfinder and the Miracle Mile. From the data collected it appears walleye have benefited most from this expenditure.

In my experience, the primary fishing opportunity on Pathfinder is from shore. Shore fishing was the first introduction many of us had to fishing and continues to be the primary means of introducing youth to the sport. I am not partial to the game fish I catch and even prefer walleye for dinner, but they are not typically a shore catchable fish like trout. Decreased opportunity from shore decreases the likelihood youth will enjoy their outings with fewer caught fish.

Increased walleye numbers favor the boat fisherman as well. The vast majority of Wyoming fishermen don’t have access to a boat and would therefore have less success overall. Finally, but most importantly, the increase in walleye numbers threatens the self-sustaining Brown Trout fishery of the Miracle Mile.

This alone would certainly justify increasing the walleye limit, but when combined with the previous mentioned reasons, I hope the Commission chooses to heed the recommendations of their fisheries professionals.

Please personalize this letter so that it expresses your feelings about this extremely important issue if you support a trout fishery at Pathfinder and Miracle Mile.

Go to the website below to submit your comments and please do this asap. They need to be in by June 2, 2016

Look under Fishing and Boating

Fishing regulations public comment…

g. Scott Novotny

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