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Flycasters, I am currently working on the Backcast and I hope to have it ready this evening or tomorrow.


The Wyoming Flycasters were not asked to be a part of the Free Kids Fishing day at Yessness Pond this year. Instead there is a fundraiser at the Events Center to benefit the Trails Center.

Joe Meyer has arranged for the Flycasters to have a booth/area set up for fly tying demonstrations, casting demonstrations and lessons, and to be able to get the word out on the club in general. WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS.

If you are interested PLEASE respond to this message, or call Joe Meyer at 307-235-1316.

This will be a fun event that also includes a gumbo cook-off. We are expecting high numbers of attendees, so consider volunteering! This time will be from 11:00-3:30 p.m.

Thanks everyone!

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