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General Meeting Minutes 9/13/17



September 13, 2017

President Blake Jackson called the meeting to order and Pledge of Allegiance, at 7:14 PM at Izaac Walton Club House.

Discussion: Platte River Clean up

Blake reminded everyone of the Platte River Clean-up on September 23rd at 9 a.m.. Please go to their website and fill out release form. They will break everyone up into groups. Can someone take pictures and Spencer suggested a drone would be a good option.

Discussion: Riverfest

Janet talked about the Riverfest and how busy they were. There were at least 500+ adults/kids that came by and tried casting. We definitely need more help next year with a bigger area for casting. It was also mentioned that the reels and lines are worn out. Spencer suggested getting a hold of G&F as they have rods we might be able to use for projects like this.

Discussion: Backcast Newsletter

Blake asked for everyone to send information to him at or Kerrie and we will include it in the Backcast. We also need current email addresses from everyone so please go to the website and fill out the form.

Discussion: Next month meeting

Next months meeting will be at the Municipal Golf Course. We will see how everyone likes this location. Blake will put this on our Facebook page and website.

Discussion: Christmas Party

This years Christmas party will be held at the Municipal Golf course and tickets will be available at our next meeting. There will be a white elephant gift exchange!!! Elections for 2018 officers will take place that night too and done by ballot. These officers will take their position in January.

Discussion: Outings

September 30th-Muddy Guard 1. Meet at Mike Lansing baseball field at 8:00 a.m. Bring pole and/or float as some will be floating. Sam from K2 News will be on this trip fishing and do a segment about the outing!! **Bring your own lunch, limited parking so plan on carpooling**

October 14th-Miracle Mile with Casey Leary. Lunch will be provided in the “Club Hole” at 11:30.

October 21st- Outlaw Canyon. You will have to hike in and Sam from K2 News will be on this trip. Pack your own lunch.


Presenter- Lars Alsager with G&F

Lars was here to update everyone on Jessica Pond and what was accomplished. Signage is posted, access rules, How to Fish sign, fish Id sign along the trail, habitat signs, laid another 200ft of trail, trail cameras are up and running. They just stocked 600 8” rainbows recently. Still working on getting a gazebo quote.


Blake adjourned the meeting at 7:45 PM after presentation.

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