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October 11, 2017

President Blake Jackson called the meeting to order and Pledge of Allegiance, at 7:03 PM at Casper Municipal Golf Course.

Discussion: Fishing Report

Game and Fish have been shocking fish, river is healthy and fish numbers and size look good according to G&F. Morad has good numbers through restoration part along with insect life. River is down to 500, so wade fishing is good. Fishing on the shallows is productive in the afternoon and fishing in the middle of the river morning is good. Bessemer bridge downstream is streamer fishing well with dry fly fishing in the afternoons (Caddis, midge, sedge) have been the best. Streamers are standard size 4 and 6, and using flashy or white colors being the most productive. Brown trout have been caught through the narrows lately. Fishing at the mile has been good on a tan leech, mid day seems best. There is a fair amount of moss.

Discussion: Remind 101

Blake asked for everyone who wants to be on remind 101 let us know. Let us know if you did not receive the newsletter as it went out. Question asked about notifications for meetings, trips etc… Please check with Blake to make sure we have correct email so you receive it. Spencer said the meeting was in the newspaper today too. Website is a great place to find things out.

Discussion: Jarvis P.E. teacher from NC

Jarvis a P.E. teacher from NC does the Rec Sports class. This is an outdoor PE class and teacher fly-fishing. Biggest struggle Jarvis said is minding line and would like resources for that. His class is making a trip to Jessica Pond than go to river. He is looking for member from the club to help teach the kids to cast. Times are this Thursday and Friday. 1:00-1:40, 2:30-3:00 South side of River in Three Crowns. Jessica Pond days and times Mon-Tues 8:45-3:00

Presenter- Blake Jackson

Table groups on tying knots. Blake had tippet, line, and flies. Everyone practiced tying knots and Blake answered questions.


Blake adjourned the meeting at 7:45 PM after presentation and next meeting will be back out at Izaac Walton.

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