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President Blake Jackson called the meeting to order and Pledge of Allegiance, at 7:11 PM at Casper Municipal Golf Course.

Discussion: Dues

Blake reminded everyone that WFC yearly dues are due. Please see Janet and if you need to add a new phone number or email address to please update that as well. We will soon be able to pay dues on our WY. Fly Casters website so please be aware that is an option you have to.

Discussion: Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday will be March 8th and we need items we can auction. See Blake for the donation form with a description of club and tax id if you are going to be asking merchants for items. Please invite family and friends to make this a great night and event!

Discussion: EXPO and David St. Festival

May is the Outdoor EXPO at the Event Center. Eric is going to get a casting pond ready so that we can use it. Spencer stated that the club would be helping with casting and fly tying. Also, Project Healing Waters will be there and can offer their help. Spencer would like someone to help coordinate helpers for the three days and if you are interested to please see him.

David St. Festival will be August 11-12th in downtown Casper. The focus is on fishing. There will be vendors and an Orvis movie that the public can watch and as more information is passed along we will let you know. Therefore, we will have a booth with the pond where we can help teach casting to those interested. We will need volunteers for those days!! A special event will happen on the 12th, a carp-fishing contest at Pathfinder. If you are interested in helping with that, please see Blake.

General Questions:

Derrick asked if there would be a fly fishing film tour this year. Blake thought not at this time, but working on it. There will be an Orvis film shown at the downtown fishing event in August though.

Derrick also reminded the club about Lyin and Tyin at the Oil and Gas building starting at 8:00 a.m.. that they will be building rods and creating flies! Contact Derrick Dietz or Spencer if you have questions.

Kathy asked if the club would be helping with both the River Fest since that and the August event are so close together. Blake thought we could, but will visit about what the club would like to do, as it gets closer.

The club had two members offer to donate fly tying materials and rod building supplies to the club. Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated!!!!!

Presenter- Blake on Becoming a Productive Winter Angler

Here is some information from Blake’s presentation:

  • The correct gear-there is not a great glove to have, but take multiple pairs.

  • Boot foot waders seem to keep feet warmer. Thermal cell heated insole is the best. Operated by a key fob that you just keep in your pocket. They cannot get wet though. Avg. price is $100. Is well worth it. Recharges through phone port, lasts up to 8 hours.

  • Gentleman hours…sleep in. No reason to get out on the river first thing in the am. 10-3 is the best time to fish.

  • Fish where the fish are. This time of year the slower water colder temps you will have more success in slow water, not fast.

  • Foam bubbles are feeding lines for trout. These are great places to fish if you see them.

  • Streamer fishers- us a sink tip (Nov. on) to fish with.


Blake adjourned the meeting after the presentation and our next meeting will be February 13th at the Casper Municipal Golf Course at 7:00 p.m.

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