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Game and Fish Department needs our Help!!

Our game and fish department needs your help! They are doing something they have not done for more than a decade. They are taking a serious look at what future fish and wildlife management should be like in Wyoming. And they are extending invitations to the public to get involved in several ways. So if you have ever had a thought about what the department should be doing -- or not doing -- now is your turn to get your opinions expressed in a way that will make a difference. Some Flycasters will recall that on a much smaller local scale a couple of years ago everyone was invited to express themselves on the management of Alcova. At that time a whole bunch of walleye anglers showed up and almost no trout fishers. As a result of that public meeting G&F is having a heck of a time not turning Alcova into mainly a walleye fishery. Even if you don't have a suggestion, please show up to support other Flycasters and to support what you especially like about our department. Some Flycasters know that I worked for over 40 state fish and game agencies. Along the way my team and I did an evaluation of the effectiveness of all the fish and game agencies in the country. At that time Wyoming was in the top 6. I strongly believe that anything can be made better. Let's all help our department be as good as they can be. Tuesday, February 6, 6:00-9:00 pm. Pronghorn room at G&F office.

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